Hannah Locke updates fans on El Salvador mission trip
Monday, March 17, 2014
Hannah Locke updates fans on El Salvador mission trip

Women's soccer player, Hannah Locke, shares with the fans the next update from the team's current trip to El Salvador.


With a good night’s rest, we woke up and got ready to go to church.

With all the events that occurred in the past two days, the anticipation on all of our faces showed the excitement of the unknown.  

As we filed out of the big bus and into the small one-room church, the presence of the Holy Spirit was immediately apparent. As worship started, the leaders sang songs in Spanish, yet through the music we realized we knew the songs too. The church walls started to shake as Spanish and English praises are sent up to our Father in heaven. Here, language is not a barrier. Praise is praise. 

Coach Klotz spoke about grace as David translated his message. The two men were perfectly in sync as one would talk with as much strength as the other.

After he spoke, we gathered around, arm in arm and prayed over the team, the families, and our trip. It was an emotional sight to see; tear streamed faces, bright smiles, and loving hugs were passed amongst everyone there. We all felt incredibly blessed in that moment because of how welcoming and genuine the church was toward us, making us part of their family.

Next we traveled to Matilde's house in the developing community. Words cannot describe the power of the Holy Spirit that filled her tiny house made of mud and tin.

As we gathered around this beautiful woman to hear her tell us her story, everyone grew silent and fixes their faces upon her. Matilde is 101 years old. She has no family, and lives on her own. Her only hope and faith is in The Lord, and that is all she needs to satisfy her soul.  

As she shared her story with us, you could see the light in her eyes; a pure joy and happiness to be living and praising her Father in heaven here on earth. As we prayed over her, the group was touched by this woman of such profound faith in God. We all left her house with a piece of her to stay in our heart forever, and to remind us that God will never fail us.

As we got on the bus to go see Karla (the woman we are building the house for), everyone grew a little silent. An amazing day was about to become even better. Quiet conversations throughout the bus with music playing softly, we drove through the hills of the developing communities.

In that moment something profound happened that many may not have realized. The sun was slowly starting to set as it shone through the windows on each of our faces illuminating the beautiful landscape all around us. God was so present in that moment saying, "Look at what I have created for you my dear children. Go and make disciples of ALL nations." 

We finally get to Karla's house and were pleasantly surprised at the progress made on it. An almost complete four walls had everyone smiling ear to ear, hugging and laughing as the whole neighborhood of children ran up as they saw the bus pulling in.

It was as if a huge family reunion was going on. We all sat around Karla as she shared her story with us and her gratitude for her new house.

The extent of her struggles, pain, and  hardships that she has gone through left us all speechless. However, when she spoke of her difficulties, tears of peace and genuine love for her Lord showed us her constant faith that He would provide.

This single mom of three is a testament of how God never leaves our side even when our sufferings increase. Her courage and strength to raise her children in some of the hardest situations was an eye-opening experience for the entire team. Once again, the Holy Spirit was moving within us as more tears ran down our faces in complete awe and amazement.

The incredible time with Karla finally came to an end as we said our goodbyes and shuffled onto the bus. The exhaustion from such a long day was nothing compared to the joy that had been poured into our hearts from these wonderful women and beautiful children 

As we drove back, the song "Set a Fire" came on, and we all started to sing along. With the sun finally setting over the hills and the words, "I want more of you, God," are sung from our hearts, a peace fell over the bus. We want more of you God, and each day you continue to show us that you want more of us too.