Spring season is success for women's soccer
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Spring season is success for women's soccer

“Overall it was a great spring for the program,” Lipscomb head coach Kevin O’Brien said.

The team ended up with a 3-1 record in 11v11 matches, and had a very strong showing on its one 7v7 match day. 

“It was by far the best offseason we have had since I’ve been coaching at Lipscomb,” O’Brien said, “The girls were really motivated from start to finish, and the attention to detail by our coaches was so valuable to our growth.”

Traditionally, the women’s soccer spring season is the non-counting phase to its annual calendar. It’s a time for all NCAA Division 1 programs to work on tactical and personnel adjustments without the concern of results. 

“The spring was awesome in that we were able to try some players in positions that they may not have played before,” O’Brien said. “Furthermore, we developed our tactical flexibility and understanding of how to play a 4-4-2 versus the 4-3-3 that we primarily played last fall.” 

“Having the ability to adjust our shape and trust our players to execute in a different alignment is key to becoming a difficult opponent to play against,” O’Brien said.

The players are now finishing their finals and will be on their own until preseason begins in August.  

“It’s hard releasing your players into the unknown, where we have no control over their conditioning or soccer training,” O’Brien said. “We are just trusting that these girls will put their team first and do the work required to be their fittest for preseason camp. Thankfully we’ve got a mature group and great leadership.”