Women's soccer spreads God's love on day two of mission
Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Women's soccer spreads God's love on day two of mission

By rising sophomore Emily Rogers

As we sat in the hotel tonight with Karla leading us in singing "Oceans," I felt the emotions of the day swell up in my heart. Sitting together singing to The Lord recreated the atmosphere of joy and love that was so prevalent throughout our day at Pedro Pablo Castillo School. Reflecting on the incredible moments of today, I realize God has His hand in all we are doing here.

Before arriving at the school, Klotzy passed out the official Lipscomb devotional guides from the missions department for us to look through today and the rest of the week. Many of the daily devos are simply words with Bible verses following thoughts to reflect on. 

As I flip through the booklet now, the word weakness sticks out to me. The devo reads "His power shines through our inability, and His grace covers our inadequacies." One weakness for about half of our team is our inability to speak Spanish, but today has shown me how minor an issue a language barrier truly is. 

We sat at lunch today in the Burger King discussing simple phrases in Spanish like "Como te llamas?" and "Como se dice?" all in hopes of having simple conversations with the children. Yet as I played a game at recess with a handful of Kindergarten girls singing a song to which I understood none of the words and could only mimic their actions, I realized they were not the least bit bothered by my inability to speak to them. Instead, they were just excited to have me join in their game and be with them. 

Paige shared tonight how she felt so frustrated playing with a special needs boy because she didn't know how to handle him, but it was clear to the rest of our team that God was working through her to show that little boy love and compassion and make his day. It is only Day 2, and despite weaknesses we perceive, God's power and grace has clearly manifested in the actions of our team as a whole.  

In our last meeting before coming on our trip, we discussed what kind of atmosphere we wanted to create. The overwhelming answer? Love. The ways we have been able to love on these kids in the short amount of time we've been here is unreal. In stepping off the bus, we are met with a barrage of students welcoming us, and hugs are immediately given. 

Through the hours of "mica" (tag) and other silly games, everyone does their best to give as much attention to the children as is possible. Niamh and Shuler (Shu-Shu to every child here) sat in the hot sun just listening to the stories of two boys and sharing God's love with these young friends. Everyone's hearts were so clearly on fire with love for these kids, and it was amazing to not only witness, but be a part of The Lord's work being done here with Sports Outreach.  

We celebrate tonight the goodness of our God as Humberto was given a Visa to continue his work with Sports Outreach back in America. His excitement to travel to our home is equaled only by our excitement to reach more and more families the rest of this week throughout our time here. Tomorrow will be a very long day; but after a day like today, we have nothing but enthusiasm to get up and go out to serve The Lord.  

We are so thankful for the prayers and support from all our friends and family back home, and look forward to recounting the blessings of this week with you all when we return home.