'Moments of impact' affect all on women's soccer mission
Thursday, May 7, 2015
'Moments of impact' affect all on women's soccer mission

By rising sophomore Paige Miller

Man, we serve a good, good father.

So some people have told me that words can carry a lot of weight. That's something so important to remember. However, when you can't speak the same language as people it's more difficult for your words to carry weight.

Since this trip began I have felt the Lord tell me that my presence carries weight too. Instead of always trying to speak, I need to just be. The Lord wants my presence. It’s amazing watching this group and seeing the presence they have when they walk on to the soccer field or walk through the "developing communities". The Lord has allowed our presence even in the midst of communication barriers to truly make an impact here in El Salvador. 

Today was full. There was painting of a church, playing soccer with young ladies, visits to developing communities, and helping teach English. Through this the Lord was moving and it's so cool to see the beauty of Christ in the hearts of each member of our team, whether it's through Jacey’s testimony being translated and shared to all the girls or through Joe lighting up when she sees Daniel, a little boy from the community.

The Lord is working, and his presence is obvious. I love watching my teammates discover themselves, and allow the Lord to help them figure out their hearts and gifts. But, most of all I love the absolute Joy I saw in children's faces today as my friends and teammates poured into these kids. I swear that Joy is what God intends everyone to have all the time.

I want to share one snap shot from today that really impacted my heart.

Today, I really got to know a girl named Amy. We met yesterday at her school, but today she came and helped us paint the walls of a local church. While everyone was hard at work we chatted up a storm.

Amy is 14 and speaks excellent English. So we talked about music similarities, she taught me some Spanish and we showed each other pictures of our families. It's insane how much one person can shape your heart.

The Lord has, in only 3 days, shaped each member of our team’s heart, and He allowed Amy to shape mine. I just want so much more for her. I want her to live a beautiful joy-filled life. She has a boyfriend who is known for making trouble, with girls especially. It stirs up my heart to think about it because I just want so much more for her life. I want her to experience the great love I have found in Jesus.

The love I have for this girl is so strange. How can I love someone so deeply and barely even know her. Knowing that I love her so deeply, how much deeper is the Father’s love for her and for all His children. It's so dang cool how much her presence has impacted me. 

I think that's what the journey through El Salvador is all about. I think it's about those moments of impact, moments that help shape every person involved no matter the age or language barrier. It's insane that moments of playing tag, also known as "mica," with a little boy can melt your heart. These moments of impact are what God is slowly using to help shape His children. I'm thankful God allows me to play a small part in His story.

We serve a good, good father.