Transformation surrounds women's soccer on mission day 4
Friday, May 8, 2015
Transformation surrounds women's soccer on mission day 4

By Christopher Klotz

WOW! Has it really only been 4 days? 

The way God is using our time in El Salvador is impacting and changing lives for eternity. 

Each member of the team is being beautifully ruined as we experience the power of the true living God! Everywhere we go, people are our priority. The love that invades the schools we walk into, the fields we step on, the communities we venture into is only possible because of the Spirit of God, and His perfect plan.

The last few days in El Salvador have been so radical, with nonstop, full days, loving, caring, praying, comforting, crying, dancing, hugging, challenging, sharing, playing, teaching, and lots of other ing-words. ALL for the sake of Jesus! My question is, is this really radical, or is this the way God has always designed it to be?

Each girl is completely living their life for something much greater than themselves. Sounds so simple, but God is teaching each of us more of His heart in how to truly love Him and His children. Watching the team come alive as they love and serve people is beyond joyful! Each girl on this trip has clearly been brought here by God, and one of the highlights for me has been seeing how each different personality fits perfectly into the bigger story God is writing. 

It is so special being back in El Salvador for the third year in a row. Every time we step off the bus, we are greeted, not only by excited children, but by friends who remember our names and stories. We are equally as excited to see friends we have been thinking about and praying for since last year’s trip.

Working with the sports outreach staff has been incredible. Spending time listening, encouraging, empowering and watching each SOI staff member minister to their country has been inspiring; and seeing how God has grown this ministry over the past three years is only something God has been able to do! 

Today we finished painting the church that we have been to the past few years. We will again worship The Lord in this church this coming Sunday with our El Salvadorian brothers and sisters. We were also invited to a soccer academy with 80 boys under the age of thirteen. God completely opened this door, and we were able to share the gospel with all 80 boys as well as their families. I am not surprised seeing God's faithfulness play out this week, but it's so amazing to watch and be a part of. 

One of my favorite authors John Ortberg writes, "Transformation begins to happen anytime people become intensely serious about learning from Jesus how to arrange their lives." These last four days, this is exactly what we are learning. We have seen clearly that something happens to people when the presence of God is what they desire. Something happens to people when they live their lives for everyone besides themselves. Something happens to people when they come together united with the same purpose. Something is happening inside each one of us, and your prayers are a huge part of that! We can feel them covering us as we move into what God has prepared for this group, and the things He is revealing about Himself.

Thank you for being a part of this trip and praying for each team member!!! Please check back tomorrow to hear more insight and perspective from the girls.