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Women's soccer sends update from sixth day of mission trip
Thursday, March 17, 2016
Women's soccer sends update from sixth day of mission trip

by sophomore Paige Miller

"God is Faithful"

This is the phrase our friend Alex sang over us this morning before we headed out for the day.

Alex is a young man that works at our hotel. Every morning he kindly gives us a smile as he hands us our morning breakfast. Over the past couple days some of the guys on our team have gotten to know Alex and found out he had an amazing heart for the Lord. So this morning after breakfast, Alex shared his heart with the whole team to prepare the way for our day. Our hearts were stirred as tears filled his eyes while he told us of Gods glory and faithfulness even through the heartache of his life. Not only did he have a beautiful story but he had a beautiful voice and sang a Spanish hymn over us declaring the faithfulness of God.

There was so much power in his story, so much power in the words he sang over us, and so much power in the way he believed that God is faithful. It was a serious Holy Spirit moment for me.

That has been my favorite part about this trip. Not necessarily Alex’s story alone, but just the individual stories that proclaim this redeeming and powerful love of God. It has been super cool to hear the stories of God working in individual lives here in El Salvador like Alex. Not only has he used the Salvadorian’s stories to impact us, but also the stories from within our teammates.

The moments at night where some of the girls on the team have been vulnerable with everyone and shared how the Lord took a hold of their mess and transformed their hearts has been one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. Stories are so powerful because they speak so much into who God is. He is a redeemer and a transformer. He proved that as I wept with my teammates after hearing their stories. Even today we saw this when Niamh got to share her story with the girls from Esen, a college team we got to mix in with and play soccer with. There was power in her words alone because they were evident of whom God is.

I love stories and how God has weaved and knitted everyone on our team to be at Lipscomb and experience Him in their own unique and personal way. I love how He designed each story for His glory and for our good. My church back home has this saying I like to be reminded of that says every number has a name, every name has a story and every story matters to God. Every story, whether here in El Salvador or back home at Lipscomb, the Lord is working and moving and writing their story.  I love that.

Thanks Jesus, for not only writing the stories we have seen and the stories we have yet to see, but most of all thanks for this team, our many stories and your never ending, always faithful, and transforming love.