Women's soccer begins mission trip in El Salvador
Sunday, March 12, 2017
Women's soccer begins mission trip in El Salvador

By Lipscomb women's soccer sophomore Elise Andrich 

Today was our first full day here in El Salvador! Our day started pretty early this morning with a nice breakfast in the hotel. We all piled on the bus and headed out on our first adventure!

We arrived in this small neighborhood where we hopped off the bus and were very warmly greeted by some people working with Sports Outreach and some American girls that are on their eighth month of The World Race! We walked down the street a ways to where the soccer field and basketball courts were and were swarmed with a bunch of kids ready to play some futbol!

Our team led a small soccer clinic for the kids and showed them some drills to do for their warm up before their game. We cheered them on while they played a small-sided game, then later in their full-field game. One of my favorite parts of the morning was playing basketball with all the kids and my teammates! Competitors definitely come in all shapes and sizes.

After lots of running around, smiles, and laughter, we said bye to the kids, hopped back on the bus, and went to get lunch at the most El Salvadorian place you could think of...Burger King! It was nice to have some down time after a super fun morning of adventure with the kids.

We then hopped back on the bus and drove to the Santa Tecla  soccer stadium where we scrimmaged the Santa Tecla girls team! A couple of us were lucky enough to be able to play on the girls team so it was such a cool experience communicating with our teammates with very few words and letting the game of soccer do most of the talking instead!

After the game both teams, along with the girls from the World Race, sat in a circle and Hannah from our team shared her testimony while Humberto translated. Then, Darcy from the World Race shared a quick message from the book of Matthew. Finally, two girls from the Santa Tecla team, Elysia and Tanya, thanked us for coming and shared a message with us. It was so incredible sitting in that circle and communicating with those girls about this one true God that we all have in common, despite the huge language barrier.

After saying our final goodbyes to our friends in Santa Tecla, we piled back on the bus and headed back to the hotel to shower and have a bit of down time before we left again for dinner. We went to a Chinese place for dinner which was so good, and it was awesome to spend some more time with the World Race girls and to hear all their incredible stories!

We ended the night by meeting with our team in the hotel and recapping the highs of our day and closing in prayer. Our first day here in El Salvador has been absolutely incredible, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us the rest of the week!