Women's soccer witnesses God's glory in mission day two
Monday, March 13, 2017
Women's soccer witnesses God's glory in mission day two

By Lipscomb women’s soccer sophomore Lindsay Brent


Wow, what a great second day we had in this beautiful country. God continues to surpass all expectations I have on a daily basis. He is so intentional with every person individually, but somehow it all comes together in a way that not only glorifies Him, but the Kingdom as well.

The day started off with a bang because today was my birthday! This was the second year in a row that I got to spend my birthday here in El Salv. Once again, I woke up to a very special breakfast surprise. The room was decorated with streamers and banners, and the staff bought a cake to celebrate my special day. After a breakfast filled with laughter and sugar we departed for church, which was absolutely incredible.

We met the World Race girls there as well, and spent the morning in worship and a message. Luckily, one of our very own, Ryan "Kramer" Terry, is fluent in Spanish, and had the ability to translate the sermon for us. The theme of today's message came from the book of 1 Samuel, and correlated the Prosperity God has for each of our lives with how Saul lived his life, which unfortunately was without accordance to the will of the Lord. This time of gathering was very powerful, and I was amazed to see how the Lord moved in that church. That time together reminded me just how big God is and how He fully sees and knows the hearts of all of His children. 

After church, we stopped at Subway for a quick lunch, then went to the local supermarket to buy bags of rice and beans for a "slum" community that is dear to our hearts. Upon buying the goods, we packed bags for the different families and then drove to the community of Tomas Rodriguez. There, we distributed the bags and prayed over the various families that received the food. This was also a very powerful moment in which I saw God working today.  

My group met three different families and was fortunate enough to be able to pray over each of them. While some came with prayer requests of physical disabilities or provision over their families, the overarching request was for God to continue to bless them. This was a moment where I had to take a step back and thank God for the unbelievable blessings He has given me in my life, such as coming to be able to serve on this trip. When all the food was distributed, we had a little bit of time to reunite with some of the kids we had met from past trips and the joy that was on the faces of kids and adults alike was a beautiful representation of how I picture heaven. The laughing, running, and playing together that occurred over that 20 minutes was the most fun I have had in years.

Our final time in Tomas Rodriguez was spent distributing the extra bags of food to Civil War Veterans who had been exiled and left to fend for themselves by the country's government. This moment was probably the most real heart check I had all day. The elders had absolutely nothing....no shelter, no food, barely any clothing, yet were so kind and thankful towards us.

After receiving food they would say, "God bless you" and linger to hear more about how God is working in our lives. They were intentional about wanting to know our hearts, just as God is with His children. 

The last portion of our day was spent feasting over a local delicacy known as Papusas! We ate with our friends from the World Race, and had great conversation over dinner. I was surprised again, with cake from one of the girls, named Sarah, who went out of her way to make me feel special on my big day. The kindness and thoughtfulness shown by her left me speechless!

Today was an amazing day. God continued to show me how He fully sees and knows each one of His children; reminding us that we are fully loved and a chosen child of the Most High King. He showed me joy in the simplest form through children, and kindness shown through gracious giving. I pray that God continues to reveal aspects of Himself that may go unnoticed to myself, and the rest of the team, for the duration of the week. I also pray that in whatever we do, we ultimately glorify Him.