Welcher finding improvement as tennis moves forward
Friday, February 15, 2013
By Mark McGee
Welcher finding improvement as tennis moves forward

The Lipscomb Lady Bisons have not produced a match victory in tennis this season, but sophomore Deahna Welcher is hopeful of a strong showing for the season based on the chemistry of the team.

“This year the team is a lot tighter,” said Welcher, a sophomore from Clarksville, Ind. “Last year we made a lot of errors. We have made a lot of errors this year but we are able to keep more balls in the air this year.”

The Lady Bisons are back in action this Saturday when North Alabama visits the Whitworth indoor tennis facility for a 7 p.m. match.

“The team is a lot deeper this year,” Welcher said. “We motivate each other to keep going and to have confidence. We have all meshed together really well.”

Welcher thinks the team will improve each week with the ultimate goal of being ready for Atlantic Sun Conference matches in March.

“We are going to get more confident by playing more matches,” Welcher said. “Right now, we are making one too many errors.

“This team has a lot of potential to be really good in conference matches. There are just one or two things we have to change.”

Welcher teams with fellow sophomore Jenny Borck. The two are also roommates.

“I like to hit forehands,” Welcher said. “That’s my power shot I guess.”

Welcher’s sister, Tiffany, plays tennis for the University of Memphis where she is a graduate student. The two have played against each other in practice but never in an official match. Their father, Stephen, has served as their coach as the two grew up.

“My sister hits hard too,” Welcher said. “We kind of have the same game style.”

Welcher played in her first tournament at the age of 7. Her father also served as her high school coach.

“It worked perfectly to have him as a coach,” Welcher said. “I love to play.”