Lady Bisons tennis defeats Belmont 6-1 inside Whitworth
Sunday, January 26, 2014
By Mark McGee
Lady Bisons tennis defeats Belmont 6-1 inside Whitworth

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Lipscomb Lady Bisons opened the tennis season with back-to-back wins.

Saturday night the Lady Bisons beat rival Belmont at the Whitworth Tennis Center 6-1. Friday night they beat UT-Martin 4-3.

"We were happy to have a win over UT-Martin," Lady Bisons coach Jamie Aid said. "However, there were several items we wanted to capitalize on from Friday night in the Belmont match."

The Lady Bisons swept the doubles matches. In singles play Deanna Welcher opened with a win at No. 1. Laura Kent, Jenny Borck and Lorena Djuknic won for the second match in a row. Sierra Troxel closed the match with a win. Melissa Kromer lost in a tie-breaker at No. 2.

"Our first job was to execute the doubles point which the girls did very well," Aid said. "The second was to start up in the first set and continue to maintain a lead in a match."

Belmont held a 13-1 edge in the series history entering the night.

"It is always hard going into a rival match," Aid said. "At the end of the day all we can do is control how we can prepare.

"Our goal is to continue to raise our level with each match. We do that by staying true to the system we have developed for this team.'"

Aid credited crowd support for helping to boost the team.

"I am very proud of the girls," Aid said. "I am also appreciative of all the Bisons fans."


Match Results:

Lipscomb 6 vs. Belmont 1


Deahna Welcher (LU) def. Kancheva (BU) 6-2;6-3
Von Erckhoudt (BU) def. Melissa Kromer (LU) 3-6;6-4 (10-8)
Laura Kent (LU) def. Warren (BU) 6-3;6-1
Jenny Borck (LU) def. Maciel (BU) 6-2;7-5
Lorena Djuknic (LU) def. Mather (BU) 6-2;6-1
Sierra Troxel (LU) def. Fripke (BU) 6-2;6-1


Welcher & Brock (LU) def. Von Erckhoudt & Warren (BU) 6-3
Kromer & Kent (LU) def. Maciel & Kancheva (BU) 6-4
Djuknic & Troxel (LU) def. Mather & Marshall (BU) 6-2