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Women's tennis drops match at No. 3 Ole Miss, 4-0
Saturday, February 24, 2018
By Russell Vannozzi
Women's tennis drops match at No. 3 Ole Miss, 4-0

OXFORD, Miss. – The Lipscomb women’s team knew it was in for a challenge on Friday at Ole Miss.

While the Bisons were close in a few sets, the No. 3 Rebels flexed their muscles in a 4-0 win at the Ole Miss Indoor Tennis Center.

“This experience was really good for our girls to see what they need to work on,” coach Jamie Aid said. “It was the little decision making at critical points that made the difference.”

Ole Miss took the doubles point with wins from the teams of Natalie Suk/Anna Vrbenska and Sabina Machalova/Tea Jandric.

“We need to work on doubles, although I really liked the teams we used (on Friday),” Aid said. “There were a lot of deuce point today, I think I counted 11 in doubles (play) alone.”

In singles play, freshman Kateryna Popova and junior Thabile Tshatedi were in close second-set battles when the match was clinched.

“Tabby’s been fighting a lot lately, and we’ve seen her elevate her game,” Aid said. “Kate Popova is playing well right now. She often starts a little slow, but she listens and make adjustments in the second set.”


No. 3 Ole Miss 4, Lipscomb 0
1. #16 Arianne Hartono (OM) vs. Kateryna Popova (LIPW) 6-0, 5-4, sus.
2. Natalie Suk (OM) def. Viktoriya Dzyuba (LIPW) 6-0, 6-1
3. #115 Sabina Machalova (OM) def. Madeleine Brooks (LIPW) 6-0, 6-1
4. #58 Tea Jandric (OM) vs. Denise Buberl (LIPW) 6-0, 5-0, sus.
5. Alexa Bortles (OM) vs. Thabile Tshatedi (LIPW) 6-1, 4-3, sus.
6. Anna Vrbenska (OM) def. Katerina Kandyba (LIPW) 6-0, 6-0
Order of Finish: 6, 2, 3

1. #10 Arianne Hartono/Alexa Bortles (OM) vs. Viktoriya Dzyuba/Denise Buberl (LIPW) 5-1, sus.
2. Natalie Suk/Anna Vrbenska (OM) def. Kateryna Popova/Madeleine Brooks (LIPW) 6-1
3. Sabina Machalova/Tea Jandric (OM) def. Thabile Tshatedi/Katerina Kandyba (LIPW) 6-0
Order of Finish: 3, 2


If the weather holds, Lipscomb will move into its outdoor schedule beginning next Friday at Arkansas State. The Bisons will then host Murray State at Huston-Marsh-Griffith Tennis Center on Saturday at 1 p.m.

“Playing on campus will be exciting,” Aid said. “Our courts are structured in a way that produces a great fan environment.”