Robichaud pleased with Lady Bisons performances at APSU Dual Meet
Monday, March 6, 2006

March 6, 2006

The Bisons and Lady Bisons track teams put in a number of outstanding performances at Austin Peay University's Dual Meet in Clarksville, Tenn.

"This was our most outstanding performance this year overall," said coach Karen Robichaud. "It was a good, solid effort from everybody. I feel like we are really evolving as a team. We were ready we competed on several levels as individuals."

Some of the more impressive individual finishes were Jessica Strange's second place effort in the javelin, Clint Carter and Zac Yanic with second and third place finishes respectively in the 400-meter dash and Joe Lohr's third place in the 100-meter dash.

"It was very exciting to see because she has had so little practice," said Robichaud. "She came out and gave it a stellar go. She tried something knew with her approach and it worked out for us. I was really proud of her for being so brave."

The women's 4 x 800 relay team consisting of Elizabeth Schall, Jill Dyer, Paige Griffin and Ruth Mick finished first.

"It was a good confidence boost and exciting for the whole team," said Robichaud. "Elizabeth had a stellar run to get us ahead. Then Jill ran one of her best times in the 800. She has been having some strong practices. Paige ran a 68 for her first lap, one of her fastest times. Ruth finished strong. "

Robichaud also praised Lohr for his finish in the 100-meters.

"You can't ask much more from him than that," said Robichaud. "He has been working hard on his form. When I first started working with him he would drop in the last 10 meters. Now he is solid through and through."

Austin Peay Duals - Team Results

Austin Peay def. Belmont, 51-40

Austin Peay def. Lipscomb, 56-28

Austin Peay tied Tennessee Tech, 45-45

Belmont def. Lipscomb, 44-28

Tennessee Tech def. Belmont, 41-39

Tennessee Tech def. Lipscomb, 50-26

Austin Peay Duals - Individual Results


Place Time Name School

1. 51.0 Danja Yates Austin Peay

2. 52.6 Lizz Pollock Belmont

3. 54.8 Joanna Gerals Tennessee Tech

4. 55.5 Tia Hendricks Austin Peay

5. 56.1 Lea Kimbel Tennessee Tech

6. 56.4 Jessica Strange Lipscomb

7. 56.7 Rachel Hooks Tennessee Tech

8. 57.9 Joanna Gerolds Tennessee Tech


Place Time Name School

1. 11:20 Elizabeth Smothers Belmont

2. 11:21 Linsay Honea Belmont

3. 11:26 Samantha Wood Lipscomb

4. 11:32 Megan Saunders Belmont

5. 11:46 Susan Warden Tennessee Tech

6. 11:48 Katie-Lynn Tennessee Tech

7. 11:50 Deidra Garrett Tennessee Tech

8. 11:57 Laura Kaplan Belmont

9. 12:02 Bertha Castillo Unattached

10. 12:06 Jaime Babb Austin Peay

11. 12:09 Amanda Wright Lipscomb

12. 12:11 Ashley Evens Lipscomb

13. 12:42 Abbie Sumrall Belmont

14. 12:51 Kaylee Yago Austin Peay

15. 12:57 Candice Cox Lipscomb


Place Time Name

1. 9:49.2 Lipscomb

2. 10:11.0 Tennessee Tech-A

3. 10:19.9 Belmont

4. 10:21.0 Austin Peay

5. 11:14.6 Tennessee Tech-B


Place Time Name

1. 3.00.2 Belmont

2. 3.00.7 Austin Peay

3. 3.01.4 Tennessee Tech-A

4. 3.11.0 Lipscomb-A

5. 3.20.4 Lipscomb-B

6. 3.22.7 Tennessee Tech-B

7. 3.23.9 Lipscomb-C


Place Distance Name School

1. 34.12m Megan Anderson Austin Peay

2. 32.48m Jessica Strange Lipscomb

3. 30.96m Karee Burchfield Tennessee Tech

4. 30.80m Tia Hendricks Austin Peay

5. 26.56m Jessica Savage Tennessee Tech

6. 24.38m Brooke Schliewe Tennessee Tech

7. 17.28m Lynette Rives Belmont

8. 15.39m Tasha Price Unattached

9. 15.28m Molly Schlarman Belmont


Place Distance Name School

1. 5.06m White, Kia Belmont

2. 5.02m Lea, Kimbl Tennessee Tech

3. 4.98m Hendricks, Tia Austin Peay

4. 4.75m McCarthy, Margo Austin Peay

5. 4.74m Moore, Shenika Tennessee Tech

6. 4.72m Graham, Danielle Lipscomb

7. 4.62m Yates, Danja Austin Peay

8. 4.42m Bolden, Ashley Tennessee Tech

9. 4.45m McCall, Keanna Austin Peay


Place Distance Name School

1. 9.95m Pollock, Liz Belmont

2. 9.59m Burchfield, Karen Tennessee Tech

3. 8.80m Savage, Jessica Tennessee Tech

4. 8.15m Hendricks, Tia Austin Peay

5. 7.82m Watson, Leah Tennessee Tech

6. 7.15m Anderson, Megan Austin Peay

7. 4.79m Reed, Kelsey Belmont

8. 3.98m Lofton, Ashley Belmont


Place Time Name School

1. 11.00 Jerome Wickam Unattached

2. 11.90 Chris 3

3. 12.00 Joe Lohr 4

4. 12.40 Jeramy Tucker 6

5. 13.00 Tim Tucker 7

6. 13.90 Case Slusher 4

7. 14.30 Keith Brown 8


Place Time Name School

1. 49.6 Jerome Whickam Unattached

2. 52.2 Clint Carter Lipscomb

3. 53.0 Zac Yanis Lipscomb

4. 54.4 Weldon Elhert Lipscomb

5. 58.1 Antonio Diaz Austin Peay

6. 58.5 Ernesto Rosales Lipscomb


Place Time Name School

1. 15.35.5 Tim Hall Austin Peay

2. 15.36.9 Jordan Wilson Lipscomb

3. 15.50.1 Johnathan Eckberg Unattached

4. 16.10.3 Josh Yeckering Austin Peay

5. 16.18.2 Ryne Sexton Austin Peay

6. 16.39.6 Caleb Key Lipscomb

7. 16.42.5 Matt McWhirter Lipscomb

8. 16.42.9 Zac Yanis Lipscomb

9. 16.43.2 Weldon Elhert Lipscomb

10. 17.09.7 Daniel Pelletier Lipscomb

11. 17.31.9 Tim Cotton Lipscomb

12. 17.39.3 Alex Mincey Lipscomb