Printz's Haiti mission trip review
Friday, December 28, 2012
By Lacey Printz
Printz's Haiti mission trip review

The past few days being back from Haiti have been difficult to say the least. Leaving those kids to come back to our comfortable lives was one of the hardest things that a lot of us have had to do. And as the days have passed by our team has struggled with making sense of just how amazing it all was. Going on this trip was put on my heart this past August and I knew it was going to be eye opening and maybe even life changing, however, even that doesn’t do this trip justice.

Our hearts were opened to love, a love that I had never experienced before. Our group found this love together throughout our spiritual connection and the way that God stretched us far beyond our comfort zones. We became a fearless group of believers who wanted to be bold and who want to continue to spread God’s love far beyond Haiti.

Throughout the trip we challenged ourselves throughout numerous devotionals and small group meetings but it was God’s love that we saw within the kids at the orphanage that truly opened our hearts. I can’t explain enough just how amazing these kids were. For kids who have to face the world without a family to support them or ideal living conditions, they had some of the biggest hearts that any of us had ever met. They were joyous and loved us unconditionally even though are constantly short-term groups coming and going. That was one of my biggest fears when agreeing upon taking this leap of faith and going on my first mission trip.

I was afraid that it would be selfish to go and have this life changing experience and loving these kids with everything I had and then just leaving. Although that is exactly what happened, I prayed a lot about it and prepared myself mentally and spiritually and asked God to help me find a purpose throughout this trip.

Within my first blog post I talked a little about daily themes that I was striving to have throughout this trip. My goal was to be intentional within my actions and I truly felt as though God directed this. The themes were love, boldness, courage, wisdom, peace and confidence and it was so apparent when journaling each night and reflecting on that day that God had put that on my heart to show me how He is working.

I think the biggest lesson that I took away from this trip is that God is completely in control. He is intentional throughout His plans for us and works in ways that are so much greater than our own understanding. Being in Haiti and being with such an amazing group of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ fills my heart with joy just thinking about it. I feel so much love and thankfulness for being able to share in such an unforgettable opportunity. I know that each member of the group feels the same way and we are making it our goal to continue this fire for God as we go home to be with our families over the Holidays and as we head back to Nashville.

The last thing that I said to the kids at the CHCH is I promise I will be back. And I plan to be, with this amazing group by my side and with God as our powerful leader guiding us to continue to spread His love and goodness throughout this broken world. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us throughout this trip and for everyone who helped us to replace the books in the CHCH library! May God bless you all and we hope that you have happy holidays!!