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Women's Track & Field > Roster

Name Events Year
Annika Backlund Pole Vault Sr.
Barbara Lee Ball Distance Sr.
Katie Bianchini Distance Sr.
Courtney Brenner Distance Fr.
Madison Colley Distance So.
Bridgette Doucet Distance So.
Kyra Drobny Distance Fr.
Lauren Dunnell Distance So.
Madeline Enderle Pole Vault/Sprints Jr.
Hannah Feiten Distance Sr.
Avery Franklin Distance Jr.
Brooke Gordon Distance Sr.
Cassie Harasts Distance Fr.
Brianne Hoglin Distance Jr.
Hannah Holbert Distance So.
Bri Holland Distance So.
Hailey Humphrey Distance Fr.
Kelsey Ibarra Distance Sr.
Kinzie Icayan Distance Jr.
Kacey Kemper Distance Jr.
Makenzie Jones Distance Fr.
Teanna Jules Sprints Fr.
Brooke Kingma Distance So.
Sally Larson Distance Sr.
Clare Losito Distance So.
Abbey McMurray Sprints/Multi's Sr.
Kayla Montgomery Distance Jr.
Kelli Nesky Distance So.
Abby Newby Hurdles/Multi's Sr.
Grace Oetting Distance So.
Hannah Owens Distance So.
Bridget Perine Sprints Sr.
Frankie Perna Distance Fr.
Taylor Romine Distance Sr.
Hannah Salami Hurdles/Sprints Fr.
Kailey Schuyler Distance Fr.
Sydney Sloan Pole Vault Sr.
Asha Smith Distance Fr.
Katie Sperry Distance So.
Jordan Stiewig Distance Fr.
Sarah Wagner High Jump/Sprints Jr.
Kendra Weitz Distance Sr.
Samantha Woodford Distance So.
2016-17 Women's Track & Field Coaches
Bill Taylor Head Coach
Marcus Evans Assistant Coach
Benton Reed Assistant Coach
Steven Mason Assistant Coach
Tim Muller Assistant Coach
Lexi Laucirica Director of Operations
Tabetha Taylor Volunteer Assistant
Louisa Mason Volunteer Assistant
Maggie Schweer Athletic Trainer (Men's and Women's Distance)
Mark Forbing Athletic Trainer (Men's and Women's Sprints, Hurdles, Throws, Jumps)