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Men's Track & Field > Roster

Name Events Year
Ahmed Amaar Sprints So.
Andrew Ayers Distance Jr.
Brody Beiler Distance So.
Brandon Belloni Sprints So.
Owen Glogovsky Distance So.
John Green Distance So.
Silas Griffith Distance Fr.
Chase Hampton Distance R-So.
Michel Hassell Throws Fr.
Kade Hinkle Throws Sr.
Jonathan Imes Sprints Fr.
Zach Israel Distance So.
Tracy Jenkins Sprints So.
Kyle Johnson Distance Jr.
William Kachman Distance So.
Brent Leber Distance R-So.
Robert Lockwood Distance So.
Grant Mason Sprints Fr.
Kindrick McElmore Throws Fr.
Nathan Morgan Distance R-So.
Wayne Newman Hurdles R-Sr.
Psalm Ocampo Distance Jr.
Jared Peters Distance Jr.
Jake Poyner Distance R-Sr.
Austin Ray Distance So.
Jared Rodriguez Distance Fr.
Robert Rupp Distance So.
Jonathan Schwind Distance Fr.
Sam Shaylor Distance So.
Patrick Smith Distance Fr.
Jacob Snyder Sprints and Hurdles Fr.
Ryan Speer Distance R-So.
Jacob Vanderwell Sprints Jr.
Randolph Wilkerson III Hurdles/Sprints So.
Mitch Zabka Distance Sr.
2017-18 Men's Track & Field Coaches
Bill Taylor Head Coach
Marcus Evans Assistant Coach (Men's and Women's Sprints and Hurdles)
Benton Reed Assistant Coach
Steven Mason Assistant Coach
Maggie Schweer Athletic Trainer
Lexi Laucirica Interim Operations Coordinator