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September 18, 20141st2nd3rd4thFinal
LIPTeam StatsUK
.124Hitting Pct..319
137Total Attacks119
Ford - 14
KillsShelby Workman - 15
Ostrom - 38
AssistsMorgan Bergren - 40
Estes - 2
AcesMorgan Bergren - 2
Lauren O'Conner - 2
McCombs - 12
DigsJackie Napper - 20
Bradley - 3
BlocksEmily Franklin - 5
September 19, 20141st2nd3rd4thFinal
LIPTeam StatsXU
.045Hitting Pct..258
155Total Attacks128
Estes - 11
KillsBESSLER - 15
Ostrom - 35
AssistsSMITH - 32
Kellerman - 2
EARL - 2
McCombs - 18
DigsEARL - 21
Spitznagle - 1
Kellerman - 1
Bradley - 1
BlocksBLAIR - 11
Volleyball's Ostrom next in line as top setter
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Volleyball's Ostrom next in line as top setter

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The Lipscomb volleyball team has featured a string of talented players, including Stefine “Jake” Pease, Abby Fay and Caitlin “Dot” Dotson, in the setter position.

Kayla Ostrom is only a sophomore, but she is on her way to earning the opportunity to be mentioned in the same category with the trio. She heads into Thursday’s  6 p.m. match at Kentucky ranked 15th in the nation in total assists and second in the Atlantic Sun Conference in both total assists (436) and assists per set (10.63).

The Lady Bisons are 6-4 heading into the match. Kentucky, ranked No. 15 in the country in the AVCA Top 25 Poll, is 7-2. The match is on the SEC Network.

“It is exciting to play Kentucky,” Lipscomb coach Brandon Rosenthal said. “People are going to be camping out for tickets for `Big Blue Madness’. There should be a good-sized crowd.

“It will give us the opportunity to take it one step further. As we prepare to get into the conference season we wanted a tough challenge.”

Ostrom is putting up solid numbers, but Rosenthal stresses this is just the beginning for her.

“When you take a look at Jake and Dot in their sophomore years you see that this is a position that takes a while to develop,” Rosenthal said. “Understanding what the expectations are and why we are doing certain things is an arduous process.

“It is one of those things I think Kayla has fully grasped. She understands she is going to make mistakes and she is learning from those mistakes. I have been very impressed and pleased with her growth and her development in the early part of the season.”

Rosenthal works closely with the setters, especially in game situations. Assistant coach Billy Ebel works on techniques with the setters and defenders in practice.

“A lot of it runs through Billy,” Rosenthal said. “I have to give Billy credit in what he has done to prepare her. Billy does a fantastic job of training.

“For me it is more the game management side of things. As a match rolls on we both work with the setters. It is a good team-work type of atmosphere.”

Rosenthal counts heavily on his setters to keep the offense in motion.

“For me the expectations for setters are probably set a little too high,” Rosenthal said. “I want them to get it right away.

“Kayla continues to excel in understanding the options and her hitters. She is really starting to take it on by herself. Her confidence has been great. There hasn’t been one time when she has backed down from a challenge.”

Rosenthal sees Ostrom as a hybrid of his previous setters.

“Jake, Dot and Abby were all three quite different,” Rosenthal said. “Jake and Abby were true athletic setters. Dot was more of a pure setter in the sense of what her focus was. She was probably more technically sound than the other two.

“I think Kayla is a good blend of all of that. It is fun to see, especially in our system. I think you have seen success with both types of setters in our system. To have a good blend is exciting.”

The Lady Bisons are 27th nationally in both assists and kills. They lead the conference in both kills with 544 (13.27 per set) and assists with 509 (12.41 per set).

“When you take a look at the competition we have played any time you can be near the top 25 against high level competition is not a bad thing,” Rosenthal said. “I am excited to be able to continue what we kind of started last year.

“Kayla and I have been looking at the offensive rotations. It is something we will continue to tweak throughout the year. “